The Backyard. Part 1

Our backyard is a jungle, which is kind of amusing since there are no trees and the ground is covered with brick. Weeds in the city are a crazy thing. They are so hardy and sneaky that even when you think you’ve got them beat, they still come back. Even when you spray them with gallons upon gallons of Round-Up, put down weed blocker, add pounds of sand, and then rebrick, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The backyard is shaped like and L. The long part of the “L” is brick, with a small garden area on the lower half. The short end of the “L” is half brick, half garden. Part of the garden is a steep hill. In the past few years the greenery has gotten way out of control. Chris and I went out in an attempt to clean it up. After many hours we stopped, looked around, and decided it was more of a mess than when we had started!

Ahhh, lovely, isn’t it?

So anyway, Chris started re-bricking. We decided to hold off on planting anything until next year, with the main goal of finishing the brick work before winter.

So he started pulling up the bricks, leveling off the ground (as best he could) putting down that weed-blocker and sand I talked about earlier, and then re-laying the bricks.

He worked a lot while I was studying for my boards. It kept him out of my hair, which was great!

He made some great progress, and was so nice to remember to take pictures along the way!

Sometimes, while I was studying, I would get bored and lean out the window to get a bird’s eye view of his work. It was part brick masterpiece, part toddler’s sandbox.

Then, one magical night after I passed my boards (Wooohoo!!) it was cool enough (read: not the Sahara Desert) and I was able to help Chris with some work on the bricks. In just one short hour we made some huge progress.

Thanks to Chris’ parents, we now have a grill to go along with our quarter done back yard 🙂

Hopefully we’ll be able to work on it more soon and have it finished before the winter. Grandma wants to get some patio furniture so that we can sit out there when its nice out.

So thats all for now. Send Chris many messages to go buy more sand and weed blocker so we can finish this project! Thanks for stopping by!