1 Year Later: Part 2

Now, if you will turn to your right, and continue on, we will be entering the walk-thru. When we moved in it was a mess.


Chris decided this would be the best place for our DVD’s and more organized cleaning supplies to live:



Isn’t it great? Now when I want to find the broom, or CSI season 1, I can find them really easily!

Next on the tour, the livingroom.

All of the rooms had dramatic changes to them. The most dramatic change in the Livingroom was the furniture:

See the lovely yellow couch?

Dusty Yellow..

And the chairs…


Chris saved the day on this one with an awesome Craigslist find. He managed to get us a loveseat and couch for a steal!

Looooveeee seat

(Can you tell I took this picture in the summer? The fan is trained on where I sit!)



I’m a much bigger fan of the green furniture!

Next stop: The office, formerly known as the “Red Room”:

Isn't that something?

A little blue paint, some more Ikea accessories, and a few jerseys, and the room was as good as new!


We jazzed it up a bit

My side!

Chris' Side

More of Chris' Side

Whew!  I’d say it’s a positive change!

I’m off to make some dinner in my lovely kitchen, stay tuned for part 3: the upstairs!


Walk Thru Update Part 2!

(For Part 1 of this adventure click here.)

Today, I painted. Not just the magnets, but also the walk-thru. If you don’t remember the gorgeous color scheme click here for a quick refresher…not so cute. Chris had painted the other side of the walk-thru all white which looked great between the brown kitchen and grey living room. I figured it needed to be one color instead of this crazy tri-color thing we had going on. So, I painted.

Chris told me not to paint the floor, so that is still a weird grey color. I had to use 2 coats of paint to get it looking decent. The grey was a lot darker than I thought, and the yellow kept peeking through the first coat.

After 2 coats and a few hours I put everything back into place and took some pictures (Shocker…)

It definitely still needs some work, and maybe a curtain to hide everything, but it looks a LOT better than it did this morning.

Do you think we should cover the front with a curtain?