1 Year Later: Part 3

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out yesterdays posts! It was a huge traffic day (for me) and I was really excited to see that people actually read what I post about the house. Feel free to subscribe to the blog, or follow the twitter for more frequent (and shorter!) updates!

Moving on with the tour:

After exiting the office, if you will please take a left and continue up the stairs, we will be entering the master bedroom.

When we first looked at the house we had a hard time deciding which room we were going to tackle as the “Master Bedroom” project. The final decision was based on the amount of “stuff” already in the room. The room we chose didn’t have a rug, and there was just less furniture to move out. It was also the “most recently” lived in (if 17 years vs 30+ counts as recent!).

Better floors, less furniture

Holy Wallpaper...

We have a window!

With the help of some serious blood, sweat and tears on the part of Chris, Kerry and myself over the course of MANY days, we were able to get the 5, yes – 5, layers of wallpaper off.

Thanks Kerry!!

Down a few layers

We also had a teeny, tiny, no big deal situation with one of the walls…

There was also a small problem with the wall....

It didn’t really exist. So Chris re-built it. No big deal!


It’s a pretty dramatic before and after!

Here’s the final “after” (at the moment! The bedroom is on my list of projects!)

Remember the wall??

Other side

We’ve made a few changes since these pictures were taken this summer, but not enough for me to go re-take them yet! I want to do some serious work on the walls in this room. There’s NOTHING on them! It’s pretty sad looking. I’m also trying to make the short wall (there will be a whole other post on that soon.) useful. It’s a tough space to work with.

So that’s all for now. We have done a ton of work in the 1 year we’ve been working on the house, but believe me, there is PLENTY more to do! Thanks again for checking out the site, and make sure to bookmark, subscribe, or follow me on Twitter to stay on top of all the updates!


1 Year Later: Part 2

Now, if you will turn to your right, and continue on, we will be entering the walk-thru. When we moved in it was a mess.


Chris decided this would be the best place for our DVD’s and more organized cleaning supplies to live:



Isn’t it great? Now when I want to find the broom, or CSI season 1, I can find them really easily!

Next on the tour, the livingroom.

All of the rooms had dramatic changes to them. The most dramatic change in the Livingroom was the furniture:

See the lovely yellow couch?

Dusty Yellow..

And the chairs…


Chris saved the day on this one with an awesome Craigslist find. He managed to get us a loveseat and couch for a steal!

Looooveeee seat

(Can you tell I took this picture in the summer? The fan is trained on where I sit!)



I’m a much bigger fan of the green furniture!

Next stop: The office, formerly known as the “Red Room”:

Isn't that something?

A little blue paint, some more Ikea accessories, and a few jerseys, and the room was as good as new!


We jazzed it up a bit

My side!

Chris' Side

More of Chris' Side

Whew!  I’d say it’s a positive change!

I’m off to make some dinner in my lovely kitchen, stay tuned for part 3: the upstairs!

Welcome to my home!

While sitting stuck inside on a summer day in my new home I had a thought. It went a little something like this:

“This place looks BORING!”

Now in all fairness, I moved in 2 months ago (minutes after graduating from college) with my fiance, and life has been hectic ever since. He started a new job, I was studying for my RN license boards, we were attempting to plan a wedding, and well, you know how life in general goes.

The point of this whole story is that I am now dead set on getting our new home looking urban chic on a pretty tight budget. I do some photography on the side for fun, and also seriously enjoy arts and crafts. My new job as a nurse allows me about 3 days off a week and I figured what better way to use the time than to make my house a home while having fun.

So here I go! Feel free to leave questions or comments and I will do my absolute best to get back to you!