My fridge was naked. With the exception of two magnets from Tricia there was nothing on my poor naked little fridge. So I fixed that today. With some wooden buttons, some magnets, clothes pins, paint and a hot glue gun the situation was un-situated.

(insert lecture about using hot glue guns safely so you don’t come visit me at work here.)

We are attempting (key word there..) to do sort of a Tuscan theme in the kitchen, which is why I chose the colors that I did for the magnets.

I used a box top to do my crafts in today. It was trash/recycling day and I didn’t plan very well in advance, so I used what was available to me. It worked out really well though, as it gave me a safe place to put the hot glue gun.

After the paint dried I glued strips of magnet to the back of each wooden button, waited for that to dry, and then I stuck them to the fridge. Total time was about 30 minutes (had to let that paint dry!) and total cost was less than $5 (excluding the hot glue gun.)

I also made clothes pin magnets today. FYI: ACE Hardware carries clothes pins. The lady wanted to know exactly what I was doing with them. She said they fly off the shelf and that she wanted to know why they were so popular in this day and age of washers and dryers. She said she had personally gone on a trip around Charlestown to find people using a clothes line and had come up with very few people who did.  I told her I was using them for arts and crafts, and couldn’t really speak for everyone else. Sure enough, I got the last package of them and she went to go put in an order for more. Makes you kind of curious, doesn’t it?

Anyway, back to the magnets. So I wanted a way to clip important things to places where I would be sure to see them, such as the fridge or my magnet board in the office. I decided to use clothespins with magnets on the back of them, same as the wooden buttons for the fridge.

I used my trusty box top and hot glue gun again. When I was done gluing, I got out a Sharpie marker and wrote things such as “To Do” or “Bills”. Some of them I just colored in completely black to match the color scheme in the office. This one took me less than 10 minutes to do!

Both of these projects were super easy and inexpensive. I think I spent maybe $15 for all of the supplies including the hot glue gun.


We Have A Real Office!

So FINALLY, after begging and pleading for weeks about a lack of space in the office, Chris gave in and took me to Ikea. (Cue the heavenly choirs singing…)

Wait until you see what it looks like. I’m only in the beginning stages, since I have to comply with the ESPN zone, and want to display my race numbers somehow (still working on that plan), but it is looking mighty nice in here if I do say so myself!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

The Before:

And The After:

Its really nice to have my own space, and Chris is loving having his whole desk back. It also forced me to go through and trash a bunch of papers I didn’t need.

Almost everything was bought at Ikea. The desk, chairs, magnet board, magnets, boxes, magazine file and the tier shelf were all Ikea. Ok, so everything was bought at Ikea! I can’t get over how nice it is to have the office looking like an office. Now all I need to do is get the set of golf clubs out of here and we’ll be golden (hint Chris, hint).

There was some assembly required to the desk and boxes, and Chris had to attach the magnet board to the wall, so of course there are pictures!

The desk came in pieces, so we used the drill to speed things along.

The serious measuring of the magnet board.

Here are all of the individual parts that make up my side of the office.

Magazine file and boxes

Three tier shelf (or as Chris calls it my “inbox”)

Magnet board (with some pretty old pictures of Chris and I)

So there you have it. The newly redecorated office, all for under $70! Thanks Ikea!