Cabinets! (Part III)

So here we are at the end of this saga. The cabinets are up on the walls, the shelves are in place, and we are starting to figure out where the heck we want things to go in them. I have to give 99% of the credit for today’s work to Chris. He dropped me off at work and when I got home 5+ hours later, all of the cabinets were up on the walls and half the shelves were in (what a great guy, he left a few shelves for me to do so that I could say I helped!). Not only did he put the shelves up, he even remembered to take pictures as he went along! He doesn’t want to admit it, but he loves reading the blog posts more than anyone else!

Moving on to those pictures I mentioned!

Chris started out by making a nice level line on the wall.

He even took a picture to prove how level it was 🙂

Then he put the thingy on the wall:

Then he bolted the cabinets in place. (mind you, I’m getting this description from him, not from me. I wasn’t there, and he’s less than descriptive. Sorry!)

I guess he had to take the doors off in order to do this easily, so the next step logically was for him to put the doors back on.

Don’t those doorknobs look great??

He did the same thing on the other side, and then ta-da! cabinets were hung on the wall.

Then he put the shelves in on one side and waited for me to come home from work. He let me put the shelves in on the second set of cabinets so that I could say I had helped with this adventure in some way. Afterward we started putting the plates in their new home.

The we put the glasses and mugs in their new homes:

And then we sat down and ate dinner. Almost immediately I started harassing Chris about building me the countertop he promised me. I was told I had to wait for a while because he was tired. I pointed out that I’m not working on Saturday and that we could have another bonding experience by building the counters.

Then Chris went temporarily deaf.

Thanks to everyone who has followed this adventure. It’s been great and has really made a huge difference in how the whole kitchen looks. Maybe once I get those countertops (hint hint) I’ll start having people over for dinner!