Chris and I woke up this morning to 60 degree weather and sunshine. We decided it would be the perfect day to go get some plants for the house and maybe do a little work on the backyard/jungle. We got in the car, rolled down the windows and headed of to the Home Depot.

When we got there we found a bunch of plants that I liked right away. Within minutes the cart was full and Chris and I had 5 plants, 3 planters and some dirt.

Full Cart!

We loaded everything into the car and headed home.

When we got back to the house we decided that (knowing me) our best bet would be to bring everything into the backyard for me to re-pot the plants.

Everything I need

We ended up picking up 2 larger plants for the livingroom:

Big plant #1

Big Plant #2

I also picked 3 smaller plants for the kitchen. I went with another small aloe plant, and two other little ones that I don’t know the names of, but look really cute.

Little Plants!

Then I got artsy (per usual) with the camera:


Have I mentioned I love my camera??

Anyway, back to the planting. In typical Kate-Style, I managed to get more of the dirt on me than in the planters. Eventually there was enough dirt and the plants were planted.

Planted Plants

Chris and I brought them inside and put them in the kitchen and livingroom.

Apparently the plants got kind of heavy when Chris was carrying the big planters up the stairs. As I was coming up the stairs I ran into this:

That's not right...

Whatever works, right? 🙂 Which reminds me, we do need something to decorate that spot with…..

The little plants went in the kitchen on the counter.



The big plants went in the livingroom on the tables.

By the Window

By the door

So there you have it. I FINALLY have the plants that I’ve been wanting for a while. They look great, I love them, and I can’t wait to add more!

Next up, fixing the backyard…..


17 years of dirt gets washed away in an afternoon..

My mom came to visit today. I had expected the usual shopping/lunch/mani-pedi type of afternoon. This, however, was not to be.

Mom came in the house, went to the bathroom, and then sat down with a very serious look on her face. “Is there a reason your bathroom looks like that?” EEEEEEP!! I knew it would happen sooner or later!

Now, my mom just finished re-doing all 3 bathrooms in her house, and she was still in the bathroom fixing mood. This woman on a mission was not going to rest until I had a clean (and somewhat redecorated) bathroom.

So here is the before:

Yeah. Gross. I know. So we got to work.

In case you were wondering, this is what 17 years worth of dirt looks like. Feel free to judge me for not taking care of this earlier (Thank you, again, Mom, for the intervention!!)

So we spent all afternoon cleaning. We cleaned walls, the toilet, the shower, the floor, the sink, the windows, you name it, we cleaned it! I even cleaned all the grout between the tiles in the shower. Who knew the tiles were pink? I thought they were a weird shade of grey.

Then we got ambitious. I painted the window frame white, and Mom and I started to pull down that hideous wallpaper!

Then we went shopping (a special thanks to my dad for driving us in bad traffic, through a monsoon to get everything we needed!) We got new curtains, new towels and some “decorative elements”. Its looking much better!

I still have my work cut out for me. I want to pull down the rest of the wallpaper, and paint the door. I also want to get the walls painted as well. I’ll probably just paint them white for now so that we can change the color later if needed.

Keep following for more updates!