Do to the fact that I just got a phone call from mom in which she told me “Hurry up and blog about the new countertop”, I am now blogging about the new coutertop.

I, being the lucky nurse that I am, was working at the hospital this weekend, back to back 12hr days. We had a lovely time with Thai food ordering and milkshakes from the caf. All in all, I’d say we were having a good weekend.

Chris on the other hand was having a much better weekend. After getting over a grocery store fiasco on my part (I completely forgot to pick up the 1 thing he asked me to get. ooops!) he and a friend went to the Rangers-Bruins game on Saturday. I’m getting better about which team I list first when I say what game he went to! Chris has been a Rangers fan forever, so whenever they play in Boston he always goes.

Sunday he felt like being productive. I went into the break room around 3 and checked my phone. There was a text that said “Surprise!” with a picture attached. I crossed my fingers and hoped he had a little Boxer puppy sitting on the couch for me.

No such luck. What he did send me was a picture of my new countertop! I have been complaining about not having the counters done since we started this project in January. He was only able to get one done since we still haven’t been able to find someone on craigslist who wants the china cabinet and buffet, but the one that is done looks amazing and I love it!

So now for the pictures:

Isn't it gorgeous?

I have 2 floor cabinets too!

And for the best news of this whole post: Sal and Pedro (for those of you in NY who know them well) have finally moved to their new official home:

Home sweet home!

Chris, once again, did an amazing job. As soon as the furniture we don’t want is gone, I’ll have a matching counter on the other side 🙂


(There ya go Mom!! pictures!)