Window Garden

For 4 years in college I had an Aloe plant that was given to me by a really close friend. That plant lived through multiple moves, my crazy schedule (which led to it not always being cared for perfectly) and general college life. Finally, one fateful day, my poor aloe plant gave up. It didn’t go slowly, it went all at once. All of the arms fell off when I went to go move it from one apartment to the next. I think it was protesting the move, but either way, I was pretty upset to see it go.

For the last 2 years I had been without a plant. I love having (easy to care for) plants in my home. It probably comes from my parents who have always had plants in our house.

When Beth and I were younger we had our own plants. Beth had a red geranium (named Philpot), and I had a pink one (named Sara. Yep, we named our plants!). They would live on our front steps in the spring and summer when the weather was good, and then in the winter they would live across the street at our neighbors home. Our neighbor, Elizabeth, would always keep our plants in the front window of her house so that Beth and I could see them from the street. I don’t remember how long those plants lived for, but we looked forward to getting them back every spring.

I currently have one lonely little “lucky” Bamboo plant in the kitchen. It started out with a friend, but the friend gave up on life within a day. The one little bamboo survivor, however, is thriving. It currently lives on the mantle under the clock.


Now that I have the lovely cabinets, I want a little indoor garden to help spruce up the place some more.

I was stumbling around on Etsy the other day I came across a bunch of people who were selling adorable little succulents in different small containers like this one, or this one, or this one. While the dinosaurs aren’t exactly what I was going for, it’s still an adorable idea!

I’m hoping I can get a certain someone to take me to get some plants this weekend, so all I need now is some suggestions for what to get, and an idea of what to put them in. Any thoughts?