I have this problem where I get super obsessed with something for a short period of time, and then it totally leaves my mind only to come back in full force a few months later. Take my craft room for instance. While I would love to have something as amazing as Amanda’s craft room

Oh if only!

from the blog Kevin and Amanda, due to space constraints and my attention span (and small tendency to hoard things) this is never to be.

I had been super obsessed with this idea a few months back and BEGGED Chris to let me have the little room upstairs as my craft room. Then reality set in and we realized that we have this wedding coming up (2.5 months, but who’s counting!) and people will be needing a functional guest room to stay in much more than I need a craft room. So away went the idea, and in went all of the “things” that needed to be stored (there’s the problem with that slight hoarding tendency) that had been living in the guest room.

So I had a day off today, and guess what happened? I got super obsessed with the craft room idea again. It all started as a quick little trip on Stumbleupon.com (which I need to stop spending so much time on!). I was bored and looking for something easy and crafty to do with my time. I realized that I have very few craft supplies mainly because I have no place to put everything.

Then, I started looking at supplies that I wanted like:

This great toolset

that I found on Amazon from Apollo. It was all downhill from there. I created a whole wishlist on Amazon of all the great crafty things I wish I had, and next thing I knew, I was standing in the “craft room”:


And that is an old picture. I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of how it looks now, which in a word, is BAD. I puttered around a little and tried to find things that I could get rid of. The world’s smallest amount of organization happened, and then I meandered downstairs to write this post and figure out a plan of attack.

So here I am, figuring out my plan of attack. And painting my toes neon pink. I mean REALLY neon pink!

Neon! (Boy, do I need a tan!)

Have a great day!


Blast from the past

Chris and I have come up with a new game plan : clean one room a little each day. The past couple of days have been devoted to the big spare bedroom on the top floor. It had become home to all the random “stuff” from when we moved in (mostly mine, yes, I’ll take the blame for the mess you’re about to see…) along with all the random “stuff” that was already here. We started out with this:

And this:

And this:

And then I panicked. Chris had to drag me back into the room kicking and screaming by my ponytail…..Just kidding about the ponytail part. The kicking and screaming is completely true.

We decided we would fill one bag of trash a day. It seemed much more manageable that way.

Once we got going though it wasn’t so bad. Chris is really good at motivating me  and keeping me on task (in case you don’t know me, I get sidetracked really……. hey look, there goes Phoebe! What were we taking about??) and in no time flat – also known as 2 days – we had the room separated into trash, keep and not ours. Phoebe (per usual) had to be included, so we gave her the job of little trash compactor.

This job is right up my alley!

So this is where the story comes in. The “not ours” pile had some great finds!

First off we found a bunch of old school stuff from my dad and my aunt that my grandparents had saved like this picture drawn by my aunt:

Or this Thomas Jefferson Project done by my aunt: You can even seen where it says her name in the corner!

Here’s “The story of the FBI” by my dad. The funniest thing is his handwriting hasn’t changed at all since 8th grade!

Chris and I really wanted to know what the story was, but it seems to have gotten lost at some point.

There were tons of other things too, like this report my aunt and her best friend did:

We were amazed at how they both have that perfect “Catholic School Cursive” writing!

After that little detour we moved on to a bag that was filled with records – Crazy!!

Chris was all bent out of shape thinking that this was stolen from a library. That lasted about 2 seconds until he noticed that the overdue fee was a whopping 5 cents a day!

We kept uncovering more and more records (hebraic chants for the holy days didn’t really interest us too much, we wanted the Beatles!!). Clearly my next decision was to get that crazy looking piece of furniture in the corner to work:

I opened the top and found this:

I also started looking for a crank to make it work, but Chris laughed at me a pulled the electrical cord from behind it. Seriously? This thing was run on electricity? I honestly never would have guessed that.

We never did get to try it out since when Chris picked up the cord is started to crackle when he moved it. We deemed it a fire hazard and I changed gears and took artsy pictures of the thing:

And so on.

Phoebe just thought we were crazy.


After a while we decided to move the “Keep” pile into the other room. We walked into that room (Screamed, and ran back out) and started to rearrange. Chris found a few pieces of wood that he claimed will come in handy for building things. Under that we found a couple cinder blocks. Inside one of the cinder blocks we found another surprise:

These Farmer’s Almanacs were dated from 1944-1967. Yes Dad, we’ve saved them for you. I promise!

Pretty cool huh?

We would have continued on our adventure, but the dust had us both sneezing like crazy so we decided to take a break. Hopefully we’ll get back to it soon, there’s a lot of progress being made!

Check back in again soon – I did some decorating in the bathroom today!    🙂