Decorated Kitchen!

After living here for over a year, we’re finally having our first guests over for a real dinner in the house. I think I’m way more excited about it than Chris is, ummm, nope. I KNOW I’m way more excited than Chris is. The good news though is that once I had a reason to get things all put together, he jumped on the bandwagon and got into the swing of things. Here’s the kitchen looking all decorated and pretty:



One corner



The flowers are from my bridal shower last weekend. It was an amazing day that I’ll attempt to post about later 🙂

And for your viewing enjoyment, a little surprise!



It’s attached to the wall! Chris counted and he has 94 different types of beer on the table. It’s just impressive!

He still has to grout the table, and then add the resin, but it’s on the wall and it looks awesome! So, for the requisite artsy shot:


For those of you in MA, enjoy tax free weekend!


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  1. Holy Cow! It looks great – good work guys!

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