Dinner Parties

While stumbling around the web yesterday I came upon this awesome post on the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily, the author, was talking about all of the dinner parties she had been having lately, and the really cute way she was displaying water on the table. Instead of a boring old pitcher of water, she was infusing water with different things (ie, mint, lemon, or orange) and then bottling them up in these bottles and then creating her own custom tags for them to let people know what flavor water it was. I couldn’t get over what a simple, yet ingenious idea this was! I absolutely can’t wait to use this idea soon. So on that note, if anyone is looking for some interestingly cooked, probably exploded at some point dinner, give me a ring and I’ll be more than happy to infuse some mint water in a fun glass bottle for you! Just bring your own safety goggles!


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