Introducing…. The Insta-Bathroom!

We needed a functioning bathroom put in on the first floor for Grandma this weekend. Yep, thats right, I said THIS WEEKEND. Crazy, I know, but sometimes you just need to get things done. Lucky for us, my uncle decided to make his second guest appearance on the blog and came over to help us out with some plumbing.

It was decided that the best place for this bathroom to go would be under the staircase, since it was the most out of the way place, and roughly the correct size. Chris and my uncle moved a giant piece of furniture that had been living under the stairs forever and voila! The perfect size area for a “bathroom” appeared!


It doesn't look like much but....

when I say total transformation, I mean it!

Chris and my uncle got to work cutting holes in the floor (they’re really good at that.. Remember that one in my bathroom floor thats still there???)

Hole in the floor.

running PVC pipes

Hole in ceiling

Some snazzy PVC piping

and so on and so forth. Unfortunately my uncle didn’t have all of the tools he needed to finish the job, but he promised he would come back the next day and do it.

Chris and I went out and picked up a few decorative elements, if you will, and then I asked Chris to build a custom table for the corner of the bathroom. So he did. In less than an hour. With absolutely no trouble. Weirdo.

Working on the table


Table's done. Seriously.

Have I mentioned that the nail gun is the greatest thing ever?

True to his word, my uncle was back the next morning. Within an hour the toilet was ready for use. I put the finishing touches in place, and ta-da! Bathroom (right about now I should clarify that it is more of a ‘toilet room’, since there is no sink at this point. Not to worry, there is a bottle of purelle in there!)


We’re still working out a few small details (like a wall and door, minor things really) but it works, and it makes Grandma’s life a whole lot easier. I have to tell you, of all the things in there I like the lamp the best! Its a touch lamp with 3 levels so she doesn’t have to fiddle with any switches, and it isn’t too bright if she gets up at 2 in the morning. Not bad Bed Bath and Beyond, not bad at all!

And what post from me would be complete without a picture of my weirdo cat?

Dead cat

(apparently the sight of Chris walking in the door killed her.. She has this bad habit of flopping on her side when she sees us.)

Thanks for swinging by the site! Check in again soon for more updates!


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