The Great Splinter Drama

About 3 weeks ago after hopping out of the shower, I reached under my bathroom sink for my hairdryer. This is something that I do every single day with no problem whatsoever. That fateful day, however, things were not meant to be so easy. As I reached under the sink I felt a stabbing pain unlike any pain I had ever felt before. I immediately started screaming (and yes, swearing) at the top of my lungs (thank god Grandma had her hearing aid out!!). Chris ran to my rescue and watched while I chopped off half my fingernail and ripped out what I could get of the splinter. It was a huge splinter and as soon as I pulled it out from under my nail, I knew that there was more stuck under the skin.

Fast forward to my next shift at the hospital. I waited until two nurses who I trust to come at me with a needle were both working. I approached one of them and asked her to do a “bedside procedure”. She was more than happy to help, and set up a sterile field as soon as we both had a free minute. As luck would have it, she began surgery only for our boss, the burn attending, and a visiting ER doc to walk by. In about 5 minutes it went from her pulling out my splinter to an all out (no anesthesia) procedure. There were needles involved. I was a little nauseous. Even with all of that, no one was able to remove the splinter. She bandaged up my finger and back to work we all went.

About a week later I was poking my finger trying to figure out where the splinter was located exactly. All I knew was that it hurt on the side of my nail closest to my thumb, and man did it hurt! The covering doctor walked by and I jokingly asked if he was up for surgery. Before I could turn around to hear the answer he was there with tweezers and his crazy light/magnifying glass goggles. Ya know, the ones they use in real surgery? Yep, those. (he looked a little funny). About 10 minutes later he too, gave up. He had managed to get small pieces of the splinter out, but it was definitely still in there. Not only that, it was now purple and swollen – my finger, not the splinter.

I told (ok, complained to) just about everyone I saw. One of the women who has worked on our floor for a long time looked at me and said “Soak it in salt and water honey. It will work itself out eventually”. Me, being the ever so patient one (stop laughing! I have my moments!), kept picking and picking. My nail at this point was completely mishapen, my finger swollen 50% of the time, and it hurt ALL of the time.

2 manicures – where you spend a lot of time soaking your fingers- a trip to a pool, and a lot of showers due to how hot it was out later, and all of the sudden my finger hurt more. This time I realized it was becuase the splinter was closer to the surface! She had been right! Just soak it, and it will work it’s way out. Will wonders never cease??

So that brings us to today. I was typing up some paperwork at work and all the sudden I felt a weird pop in my finger. I looked down and saw it was bleeding. Gross. So I threw some bacitracin on it, stuck on a band-aid and finished up my day. When I finally got home I started doing what I do best. I picked at it. Low and behold, there it was! I could actually see the splinter! A few minutes later, it was FINALLY out. I immediately called Chris and told him to rejoice, which he did – however not with quite as much enthusiasm as I knew he could muster.

And here I am now, typing very happily with out any pain! Get ready for some more posts coming VERY soon!!



I have this problem where I get super obsessed with something for a short period of time, and then it totally leaves my mind only to come back in full force a few months later. Take my craft room for instance. While I would love to have something as amazing as Amanda’s craft room

Oh if only!

from the blog Kevin and Amanda, due to space constraints and my attention span (and small tendency to hoard things) this is never to be.

I had been super obsessed with this idea a few months back and BEGGED Chris to let me have the little room upstairs as my craft room. Then reality set in and we realized that we have this wedding coming up (2.5 months, but who’s counting!) and people will be needing a functional guest room to stay in much more than I need a craft room. So away went the idea, and in went all of the “things” that needed to be stored (there’s the problem with that slight hoarding tendency) that had been living in the guest room.

So I had a day off today, and guess what happened? I got super obsessed with the craft room idea again. It all started as a quick little trip on (which I need to stop spending so much time on!). I was bored and looking for something easy and crafty to do with my time. I realized that I have very few craft supplies mainly because I have no place to put everything.

Then, I started looking at supplies that I wanted like:

This great toolset

that I found on Amazon from Apollo. It was all downhill from there. I created a whole wishlist on Amazon of all the great crafty things I wish I had, and next thing I knew, I was standing in the “craft room”:


And that is an old picture. I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of how it looks now, which in a word, is BAD. I puttered around a little and tried to find things that I could get rid of. The world’s smallest amount of organization happened, and then I meandered downstairs to write this post and figure out a plan of attack.

So here I am, figuring out my plan of attack. And painting my toes neon pink. I mean REALLY neon pink!

Neon! (Boy, do I need a tan!)

Have a great day!

Dinner Parties

While stumbling around the web yesterday I came upon this awesome post on the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily, the author, was talking about all of the dinner parties she had been having lately, and the really cute way she was displaying water on the table. Instead of a boring old pitcher of water, she was infusing water with different things (ie, mint, lemon, or orange) and then bottling them up in these bottles and then creating her own custom tags for them to let people know what flavor water it was. I couldn’t get over what a simple, yet ingenious idea this was! I absolutely can’t wait to use this idea soon. So on that note, if anyone is looking for some interestingly cooked, probably exploded at some point dinner, give me a ring and I’ll be more than happy to infuse some mint water in a fun glass bottle for you! Just bring your own safety goggles!

Introducing…. The Insta-Bathroom!

We needed a functioning bathroom put in on the first floor for Grandma this weekend. Yep, thats right, I said THIS WEEKEND. Crazy, I know, but sometimes you just need to get things done. Lucky for us, my uncle decided to make his second guest appearance on the blog and came over to help us out with some plumbing.

It was decided that the best place for this bathroom to go would be under the staircase, since it was the most out of the way place, and roughly the correct size. Chris and my uncle moved a giant piece of furniture that had been living under the stairs forever and voila! The perfect size area for a “bathroom” appeared!


It doesn't look like much but....

when I say total transformation, I mean it!

Chris and my uncle got to work cutting holes in the floor (they’re really good at that.. Remember that one in my bathroom floor thats still there???)

Hole in the floor.

running PVC pipes

Hole in ceiling

Some snazzy PVC piping

and so on and so forth. Unfortunately my uncle didn’t have all of the tools he needed to finish the job, but he promised he would come back the next day and do it.

Chris and I went out and picked up a few decorative elements, if you will, and then I asked Chris to build a custom table for the corner of the bathroom. So he did. In less than an hour. With absolutely no trouble. Weirdo.

Working on the table


Table's done. Seriously.

Have I mentioned that the nail gun is the greatest thing ever?

True to his word, my uncle was back the next morning. Within an hour the toilet was ready for use. I put the finishing touches in place, and ta-da! Bathroom (right about now I should clarify that it is more of a ‘toilet room’, since there is no sink at this point. Not to worry, there is a bottle of purelle in there!)


We’re still working out a few small details (like a wall and door, minor things really) but it works, and it makes Grandma’s life a whole lot easier. I have to tell you, of all the things in there I like the lamp the best! Its a touch lamp with 3 levels so she doesn’t have to fiddle with any switches, and it isn’t too bright if she gets up at 2 in the morning. Not bad Bed Bath and Beyond, not bad at all!

And what post from me would be complete without a picture of my weirdo cat?

Dead cat

(apparently the sight of Chris walking in the door killed her.. She has this bad habit of flopping on her side when she sees us.)

Thanks for swinging by the site! Check in again soon for more updates!

I’m Still Alive!

I figured that since I haven’t updated this blog since oh, APRIL, it was time to give you a quick photographic update on the things that have changed around here recently. First off, I no longer have my second job, so I will now have (Crossing fingers realllllly tight) more time for projects and updates!


One thing that never manages to change is how bizarre the cat is. This is her new favorite way to sleep. I’m serious. We’ve caught her like this multiple times!

What a weirdo!

She cuddles up to that wall like its a teddy bear. I don’t get it.

Remember those plants I was so desperate to have in the house? I’ve managed to only kill 2 of them!

We've got a live one!

This guy loves life. Seriously. I tend to forget to water it (which I should probably go do right now.. hmmmm) and yet there it is, happy as a clam in the sunlight 🙂

This one on the other hand, did not love life very much. Sad, sad plant:

We are SO far beyond a code blue...

There’s only that one poor little leaf left. I may have to go get another one of the money trees, since it seems to be doing so well.

On to the kitchen plants:

The aloe plant and one on the right of it (i think it was a desert rose, but that might be the other one) are absolutely thriving! I’m going to have to think about re-potting the aloe in the near future. Those aloe plants never seem to fail me, and this one has already come in handy twice this summer 🙂

Happy plants!

The other one? Not so much. I really don’t get what I managed to do wrong. I watered them all at the same time, and rotated the dish so that they got alternating amounts of sunlight. Maybe this one was just destined to die in my kitchen.

Sad plant

I really should get rid of the dead ones, it doesn’t set a good example for the rest of the plants. Then again, maybe thats what is scaring them into staying alive……


Moving on to Chris’ projects (which seriously outnumber mine at the moment) let’s revisit the beer cap table!

I need to do a much more serious update on this later, but for now, here’s a sneak peek!

Sneak peek #1

The bottle caps are being glued to the table! Chris made this gorgeous frame for the table, and it fits into the space on the wall perfectly!

Sneak Peek #2

He still has the template on top (which I managed to hit while taking pictures and moved all the caps.. shhhh) so you can kind of get an idea of what it will look like. I’m hoping this project wraps up soon so I can have that counter back. Chris is still looking for some more beer caps, so if anyone has any that are different (Magic Hat, Sam Adams, Bud, Corona, and Brooklyn Lager don’t count, we’ve got enough!) let me know! Donations accepted!!

Chris’ other recent projects came about when he got his nail gun. I cringed at the thought of a nail going through his hand until he made me this gorgeous little shelf/table for the bathroom. I had been DYING for some storage in there, and now I have it! I just need to decide whether to stain or paint it, and then get it done. Maybe this weekend??


Its the perfect size. Not overwhelming in the TINY bathroom, and yet big enough to store all the essentials. I’m thinking some baskets and some glass containers to hold everything. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

He also decided that due to all of his sports memorabilia (poor kid), he was seriously lacking on desk space. Now, mind you, he has an ipad, and the only time I see him sit at his desk is in the morning when he’s looking up his CrossFit workout, but thats apparently besides the point. With that handy-dandy new nail gun thing (which I am learning quickly to love) he made himself a shelf.


The question here is the same as the one in the bathroom. Does he paint it white to match the background that his jerseys are on? Does he stain it to match the desk? Or does he paint it blue to match the wall? I voted for the stain to match the desk. Any other thoughts??

Now for a super quick backyard picture. This is another update that will require it’s own post at some point in the VERY near future. We actually had a party out there for the 4th of July complete with backyard games, grilling, and outdoor eating! Mind you, we couldn’t really use the back corner as it still falls under “Jungle” status, but it’s WAY better than before. I think we’ll have to move the backyard warming party to fall or next spring, but at least it’s usable this year!

We have a wall!

Really. Thats all I’m going to show you of the backyard! Mean, I know, but I don’t want to waste all my potential posts on this update!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer! Keep checking back for more updates!