Decorating Inspiration of the day

While cruising my Twitter homepage, I saw a post from @simplifiedbee about decorating using maps (see the post here, it’s great!).

I have that space between the office and the living room that is a bare, gray wall just waiting for a great project.

Blank Canvas!

I keep promising Chris some sort of New York themed decor somewhere in the house, but I wasn’t having any really inspired ideas until the map post. Now I’m starting to think that maybe something fun like a large map of the subway system in New York would look great there.

If you’ve ever seen me in NYC you would understand how in awe I am of the amount of choices you have to get anywhere via the subway system. Want to get to Brooklyn? 4,3,5,6,R,Q,S,T,J,or M trains. Take your pick!

Then again, maybe this map idea would be a better theme for that bedroom of ours that could use some serious sprucing up.. any thoughts?


2 Responses

  1. Looks like Phoebe thinks the NYC subway map would be a good choice.

  2. hey katy! i went to the SoWa Vintage Market (May 1st and every Sunday after that) recently and got an awesome reproduction of an 1895 map of my neighborhood. got a discount because i am a resident of the area. it is awesome! they have a ton of maps from different areas, mostly mass though. we also have this cool map i got at the bizarre bazaar last year:

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