Beer Cap Table

For a long time now Chris has been talking about wanting to make a beer cap table top. This consists of him getting as many different beer caps as possible, making a table, and then adhering the caps to the table. The idea is really cool when finished, and even when it’s in the process of being built!

Every time we head to the liquor store Chris tries to find a new kind of beer that he hasn’t tried before. We of course have all of the essentials in the collection, Magic Hat, Sam Adams, Corona, Bud, you name it. Then we have the weird ones. Ones that you will only find 6 of on the table because they tasted a little…. rough?

Beth helped out a ton too by sending us California beer caps. We have a bi-coastal table!

Anyway, this project has been in the works for as long as Chris has been legal to go buy his own beer (read: 3 years). No one should get the idea that all we do in our house is drink beer. I promise, we don’t 🙂

Chris finally decided that he had enough caps to start the table:

Here are a few

And a few more!

He drew the outline of the table on a piece of cardboard so that we could make sure we liked the layout before we were stuck with anything permanent.

Cardboard Cutout

It took a few false starts and a debate about pattern vs random, but we finally picked a method we liked and got to work. Chris wanted the outside edge to be each different beer cap with no repeats:


More Outline

Then we created 4 sections which were outlined with Magic Hat bottle caps and started randomizing the caps within each section.


A little more filled in

One Section done!

2 sections done!


Once Chris has some spare time he is going to cut the actual table out of this:

Real Table

And then he’s going to grid it off. Our biggest problem was the caps moving once we had out them in place. We kept finding small spaces where none of the caps would fit since they were not lined up properly. Hopefully the grinding will help us keep things in line!

Once it’s done the table is going to go on the blank wall where the China cabinet was:

Designated location

And on that note, I’m falling asleep at the computer. Chris and I hit the gym this morning, followed by a quick run for me, and then off to the Marathon! I had a total blast cheering on the runners, but now I’m as tired as I was the year I ran it myself!

I hope you all enjoyed your Marathon Monday!


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