Revisiting the Jungle.

It was so nice out this weekend that Chris and I did some work in the backyard. Last time we were out there it looked like this:

When we left off...

At the end of the summer we added a table and chairs so that we could eat out there. I think we were only able to eat dinner in the backyard once before the 75 feet of snow descended upon us and we couldn’t find the fence buried under the snow, much less the table!

When we opened the door we were greeted with this:

Here we go again

Well not exactly this, but I didn’t have my camera at the time so this is as close as I can get it.

Chris decided that the edging for the garden was uneven. Clearly this wasn’t good enough for him, so he dug it all out, leveled it off and put it back.


Level Edging

Replaced Edging

While Chris was working on the edging I began the Battle Of the Ivy. There’s all of this crazy ivy that is grown up the back wall in the yard. I wanted it gone. It just doesn’t look good and has managed to take over half the yard.

Its on the back fence

After a while of pulling at the ivy I managed to find the back wall! It was quite exciting:

Im not sure what year this was last seen in...

I also learned how Ivy works. It has crazy little leg things that stick to the wall like glue (scientific, I know.)

Ivy Legs!

How crazy is that??

After a little while I got bored, so I took some pictures of the ivy:

Ivy Art!

Next Chris got to work pulling up the bricks and then we worked on putting them back (see a theme here? Kinda reminds me of “I lift thing up and put them down” – great commercial. Anyway…)

We made 2 piles of bricks. 1 pile was full bricks, the other, parts of bricks.

Full Bricks

Part Bricks

Please note that the full bricks pile is much smaller than the part bricks pile. Sllliiiiiiiiiigggghhhtttt problem. Chris suggested that we look in the dirt, seeing as how it magically grew a garden hose this winter:

Garden Hose plant

We located a few more bricks and managed to get the yard re-bricked to the far side of the back door. At that point it was starting to get dark and since it was Saturday we had to go to Ironsides for our weekly dinner.

I’m done blogging for the moment, I’m going to work on the wall art project a little more. Any suggestions for killing the ivy would be more than appreciated!


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  1. It’s looking great – I know you’ll enjoy the yard this summer.

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