What to do with toilet paper rolls, paint, and a rainy day.

So I was stuck at home on Tuesday with no car, no great new project to start, and a lot of rain. It was looking like the start of one of the most boring days ever. I hopped on Google and started hunting for fun craft ideas with things I already had in the house.

I stumbled across this post from a girl who had taken toilet paper rolls, painted them and then cut them into small sections to create some pretty cool wall art. I decided it would be the perfect project for the boring spot above the “fireplace” in the livingroom:

Lonely wall

I started hunting for toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and anything else I could find. I headed down to Grandma’s kitchen and found the end of a wrapping paper roll – score!

I also found some black paint and broke out my hot glue gun and “portable craft table”.

Mobile craft office!

Then I got to work measuring 1/2 inch sections of the rolls.

1/2 inch sections!

Then I painted them black, and cut them into slices. It took me forever, and I literally spent half the day watching paint dry! Once all of the sections were dry, I started piecing them together like a puzzle and hot gluing them in place. I managed to only get burnt once, which I thought was a huge victory.

Between 2 toilet paper rolls and the one wrapping paper roll I misguidedly thought that there was going to be plenty of slices to take up a huge part of the wall, boy was I wrong! I barely was able to cover a 1/4 of the wall!

This is where the story gets interesting. I put out a plea to Grandma to save all the empty rolls that she could. Then I went to work and stated swiping the empty rolls from there. One of the mangers caught me with an empty toilet paper roll in my bag, and gave me the look that said “Do I even want to ask about this?!”.

Somehow I managed to explain and only turn a light shade of red.

I’m going to hold off on showing you what it looks like so far since it’s not even remotely done. What I will do though is put out a plea to all of you that I see on a pretty frequent basis to save your empty toilet paper/paper towel/wrapping paper rolls for me! The more I have the better this masterpiece will be, and the sooner you’ll get to see it!


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