The House: 1 year Later, Part 1

After a huge spring cleaning this morning, Chris and I realized we have been working on the house for a year now. 365 days of cleaning, taking down wallpaper, learning to build cabinets, dealing with sludge, and many other adventures. It’s been frustrating, it’s been a lot of work, but it sure has been fun!

For the 1 year later post, I decided to do a before and after.

Away we go!

Here’s the entry before:


And after:


Its the same!  The only difference is how the bathroom looks at the end of the hallway.

On that note, Bathroom before:


Before part 2

And the MUCH needed after:

After Part 1

After 2

Thank god we got that wallpaper issue fixed..


Now it’s much more viewer friendly:

Much better!

Now if only we could do something about that floor……

Moving on to the Kitchen:


Before the re-do, we had a pantry that had 2 shelves across the back, and uneven, mismatches shelving on the side. It wasn’t really easy to walk in and get anything out of because of the shelves on the back wall.


Now, we are able to walk in, find what we need, grab a pot on the way out, and no one hits their head on anything. Win-Win situation if you ask me!

Much better

(The step stool is in there because I’m too short to reach the pots on the top of the peg board!)

Remember the china cabinet and buffet that we loved so much?

China Cabinet


Now, thanks to our great friends at 1-800-Got-Junk and Ikea, we have lovely cabinets and countertop!

No more buffet!


I’m still waiting for the table to be built, but in the mean time, we have plenty more space in the kitchen 🙂

(Insert table here)

We’ve made a ton of improvements in just those 2 rooms! There’s the first round of before and after. Stay tuned for round 2!



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