My New Favorite Thing

A while ago my parents bought a Logitech Squeezebox. This snazzy little radio lets you listen to internet radio, Pandora, Stalker Radio, even your iTunes library. I listened to my parents raving about it, and how great it was to listen to the weather in California (always sunny and 70) instead of the weather here in Boston (always 30’s and snowing).

Since Chris wanted me to learn to cook, I deemed it necessary that we get one of these. Being a life-long (and self-proclaimed) chorus geek, I always need to have music that I can sing along to, loudly. So we bought one, and as soon as it arrived it was set up to my iTunes library.

I heart my kitchen now!

We also wanted to listen to radio stations from other parts of the world. Let me tell you, GREAT decision! There is nothing better than trying to understand the guys on Captiol Radio out of the UK. One night they went on a 3 minute debate about “dodgy tummies”. And when they get really mad? Forget it, it’s not English, it’s another language altogether!

The pre-sets have become key. Chris has his pre-set stations so when I’m not around he can easily listen to his music, and when he’s not around, I can listen to mine. Luckily, we agree on the British station (I think) and 95% of the time we’re listening to that while making dinner.

It’s also come in handy when we have friends over. Sara, Kerry, and I had a great time singing along to Rent and Glee the other night while making dinner and catching up.

The only downside to my new favorite thing in the kitchen is the lack of a battery. You have to be plugged into the wall in order to have power. It would be so nice to be able to take it out in the backyard when the weather stays nice, so that we can have music while Chris is grilling. Supposedly the company is coming out with a battery pack for it, but I’m not holding my breath…


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