Another Kitchen Catastrophe

My problems in the kitchen always seem to start when I say to myself  “I can totally do this, how hard can it be?”. Without fail things will start to head downhill from there. Take tonight for example. Chris wanted me to make Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. I’ve made them tons of times and while they always manage to come out differently, they’re usually pretty good. Tonight? They’re questionable at best.

So, for your reading pleasure (Meredith, no aspirating pretzels, please and thank you!) I will begin to recount: “Another Katy Kitchen Catastrophe”. Before you go any further I would like to put it out there that no kitchen appliances were injured in the making. 🙂

Back to these Enchiladas. I used to have a recipe for them that Mom had given me. They are the one thing that I’m pretty comfortable making and that I know won’t poison anyone who eats them. They’re made with onions, chicken (obviously), sour cream, picante sauce, cheese and tortillas. 6 ingredients, not so scary.

I started by chopping the onion. I got a lovely Pampered Chef cutting board for Christmas from Chris’ family. It’s one of the ones with the measuring cups at the end of the cutting board so you can just scoop what you chopped into the measuring cup and off you go.

It’s great! In fact I’d put it right up there with the damp(en)er for my cabinet doors!

Anyway, I chopped the onion and threw it into the skillet to start sautéing it. While I was working on that I made Chris cut the chicken. Yes, I know. I’m a nurse and I see far grosser things than raw chicken. I don’t know what it is but something about the raw chicken gets me every single time. It’s a weird mental block to have, but thats me for ya!

Once the chicken was cut (and there was quite a mountain of it!!) things went awry. I was feeling super confident and then, well then I added the picante sauce. I’m not sure what the deal is. We haven’t changed brands, I’m not forgetting an ingredient (I really hope I’m not since I adamantly told Chris that I could NOT have forgotten to add something) I just don’t get it.

I knew almost right away that it was going to be way too watery. It’s usually a thicker sauce (if you will) and this just looked runny. Ugh. I decided to stay optomistic and added the sour cream. Not much better. I crossed my fingers and added the cheese. No such luck. I brought it to a boil thinking I could boil some of the extra water out. Nope, still watery. Then I let it sit FOREVER to thicken. No dice. Chris finally came in with a grumbling stomach to ask me what the hold up was. I told him and he said “Well why don’t you find the recipe and see what you did wrong?” .

Ok, so time out. No, I didn’t use a recipe. I haven’t used one to make these in over a year. While this could be my problem, why hasn’t it affected me in the past?

Time in:

“If I knew where the recipe was we wouldn’t be in this situation”

So he turns on the oven, takes another sip of his beer and goes back to ESPN.  Smart guy. Leave the grumpy girl with the boiling picante sauce/water alone.

I could blame myself for this problem. Willow Smith and I were whipping our hair back and forth, but I prefer to say that Pace Picante Sauce is much more watery than it used to be.

Fast forward a little: Chris and I started assembling the Enchiladas which entails me spooning the chicken+sauce into the tortillas and Chris telling me there isn’t enough chicken in them. Its tradition. I normally roll them up and flip them over so the seam is on the bottom and they look pretty. Chris decided tonight, however, that he wanted them to look different. He did this fancy little maneuver with the top of the tortilla that involved some weird folding technique I’ve never seen before. Finally he stood back, proudly looked at his work and said “Hey look, I could be Mexican!” (insert gigantic eye-roll here), so I left Pedro to finish the rest of the enchilada folding.

Then we added the salsa and cheese to the top and put them in the oven.

Finally the enchiladas were ready. We took them out of the oven and sat down to eat them. Chris took a bite, leaned over, kissed me on the forehead and told me they were great. (Have I mentioned that I love him??)

In the end, I guess it wasn’t such a catastrophe after all. They definitely didn’t make my top 10 enchiladas ever, but they were good enough to have left over!

I hope you all have a great night, and once I either find, or perfect, the enchilada recipe I’ll post it up here. Thanks for stopping by!


3 Responses

  1. um, Kate…I’m pretty confident that cream cheese is an ingredient in this recipe. Did you forget to mention it or to add it? Might account for the change in the Picante Sauce.

  2. Oh Kate, you are so funny! They look great. But how can you make enchiladas without enchilada sauce is my big question?? I’ve never had a recipe actually. You are a great blogger though! I love the three part cabinet story! And they look wonderful. That Chris is certainly a keeper.

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