Cabinets! (Part II)

Alright, the laundry is switched and ready to go for another 40-50 minutes. I’ll type fast!

So once we got all of the cabinets assembled and placed in the kitchen, Chris decided it was time to put the knobs on the doors. We had picked out the knobs while we were at Ikea and after hours and hours of trying to decide (these were the cheapest ones that we both liked. Took about 1 minute to pick them) we finally decided on these ones.

We were planning on putting the door knobs here:

Chris made all the necessary measurements and then placed painters tape on the door so that he wouldn’t wreck the front of the doors.

In the midst of this great measuring adventure, Chris’ dad texted him to make fun of the Pats who had a horrific showing in the game against the Jets today. Leave it to the New Yorker. Hmph.

After the text (that was clearly aimed at my ego) Chris started to drill the holes for the doors. Unlike the building of the cabinets I didn’t help even remotely with this part. I was writing the last blog post and taking pictures. Besides, it was a one person kind of job.

Then he peeled off the painters tape and revealed the location of the new door knobs:

Next he screwed the doorknobs into place

Beautiful isn’t it?

So here’s Chris finishing the rest of the process. The green plaid is an interesting look, huh?

I made fun of him for a while about that, just so you’re all clear.

After a lot of work trying to fix a doorknob that was broken (something about messed up threads?) Chris was all done with the door knobs, and they looked lovely!

So the goal for tomorrow is to get these bad boys up on the wall. Ok, let me clarify, MY goal for tomorrow is to get them up on the wall. Chris might not agree with me, we’ll have to see how this goes. Just as a reminder, this is how the kitchen walls look now:

And this is the thingy we’re gonna use to attach the cabinets to the wall.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get this whole project done by tomorrow night and I’ll be writing part 3 of this blog post 🙂

I hope you all have a great night and a good 3 day weekend!


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