Cabinets! (Part I)

Our kitchen is getting a much needed makeover! For weeks I have been harassing Chris to get cabinets. We currently house all of our dishes and glasses in an old China cabinet. This lovely antique piece has doors that don’t close or open, drawers that don’t open or close, and it really drives me crazy.

Today I was able to drag Chris to Ikea. We bought our cabinets and brought them home in the teeeeny tiny little corolla. After a genius packing job and a smooth ride home, we got the fun of carrying all the boxes upstairs. (Sometimes I curse the stairs, all 3 flights of them)

Once in the kitchen I convinced Chris that it would be a great idea to start putting together the cabinets immediately, win! We opened up the first box (“always the smallest first in case we screw up!” to quote Chris) and took a look at the very well worded and highly descriptive directions from Ikea.

To be honest, I’m impressed Chris could get beyond the picture of the sad looking blob that is on the phone with Ikea.

So the step by step cabinet building process (and yes, I was quite helpful. I built 2 by myself, and helped with 2 others out of the 6 total) began with the side pieces which looked like this:

We attached the brackets that went on the back and will eventually hold the cabinet on the wall. (I like when things are attached to the wall and not crashing to the floor. This was clearly a critical step.) Next we attached the top and bottom of the cabinets.

There were quite a few small pieces involved in this adventure. They looked like this:

Using all these small parts we attached the top and bottom and made a box:

(The above picture is out of order, but it is a representation of the step.) šŸ™‚

As always, the smallest helper was available to oversee the job and point out any mistakes we made.

Next we attached the back of the cabinet which involved a hammer and minimal amounts of swearing.

The next part was my favorite. We snapped these funny looking parts (which I’m sure have a name, I just didn’t ask what it was) into place and then attached the dampener (damper? Chris and I can’t decide what it’s called). By far the best part of these cabinets is the damp(en)er!! I can slam the cabinet doors all I want and they will never make a sound šŸ™‚

We unfortunately discovered that it doesn’t work when the cabinet is lying on the floor. Oops! It really is the greatest invention though. Right up there with the thing that keeps the toilet seat from slamming closed, or the kitchen drawers from slamming closed. Amazing..

Moving on… We attached the door, and then Chris held the cabinet in place so that I could see what our wall will look like when it’s all finished.

We took a break to go visit Grandma, and then came back in time to put together three of the manliest things you can imagine. Beer, football and power tools. It was a great afternoon for Chris!

We moved our “workroom” into the livingroom and continued on our quest to build the cabinets. After struggling through the first one, the rest were *almost* a breeze. With the exception of a small mistake that occurred while I was hammering the back of a nail in place the whole event went off without a hitch!

It felt like quite the accomplishment for one afternoon, especially when we lined them all up in the kitchen.

The nest step in this adventure is the knobs that need to go on the doors. Chris is working on that now, so I’m going to go switch the laundry and then come back from blog post #2 of the night! šŸ™‚ Enjoy part 1 of 3!


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