And the walls came tumbling down

Well, sort of.

After spending the sunniest, hottest portion of the day moving me out of my old apartment (thanks Mom and Dad!), I managed to talk Chris into painting the bathroom. Impressive, I know!

A little while back I was able to convince Kerry and my friend Dave that it would be a great idea to help me pull down the rest of the wallpaper and paint the door. Thank god they were really gullible when I told them it would be really easy with the three of us working on it. 2+ hours later, 1 minor steam burn, and an almost catastrophe involving the light fixture above the sink (thanks again for saving me Kerry!!) and we were (almost) done. That part about the almost catastrophe with the light fixture? Yeahhhh I left that wall for Chris to de-wallpaper.

Anyway, back to today. We started taping the wall and realized that there was no reason to tape off the ceiling since we are “eventually” going to repaint it.

Before pictures:

(pay close attention to the above wall. This story gets amusing…)

Chris got started with the edges while I finished taking pictures.

Apparently he was to good for the standard paint tray.. just hand him the whole bucket please!

Chris always does the edges and I always use the roller. It works out really well because he hates the roller, and I hate the edges. Perfect team? I think so.

I started painting the wall above the toilet and quickly ran into a small problem. Part of the wall that had been patched started to bubble up as soon as the paint hit it. This caused it to peel off the wall leaving a roughly 2 inch area of unpainted space on the wall. I was perfectly content to just leave it like that until the paint dried and then go back and paint over it. Chris, on the other hand, wanted nothing but perfection. Instead of having a 2 inch space he made it a little bigger…

Now if only that had been good enough, but no, he had to see just how far it would go.

At this point, my dream of a perfectly white wall and a nicely decorated bathroom was washing away down any drain but the one in the bathroom, which rotted out yesterday. (anyone know a good plumber??)

FINALLY he was finished demolishing my wall, and I was left with this:

Another view:

Even Phoebe was so disgusted with how it looked that she left her command post and hid on the stairs so that she wouldn’t have to look at it.

I’ve been told that it will be patched up soon, but something tells me that I might have to hold FIFA hostage in order to get this taken care of!

After getting over my distress at the new “wall art”, if you will, I finished up painting. With the exception of one wall that I wasn’t allowed to paint (the patch on the wall wasn’t dry?) and my new wall art, I’d say it actually looks pretty good!

Now the only problem is that the ceiling looks terrible next to the clean looking walls! (in case you forgot what the walls looked like click here!)

Thats about all for now. I’ve got some updates on the yard coming soon, and I’ve got a few more plans for the bathroom once the “wall art” is fixed! Keep checking back and I promise I’ll update more frequently!

PS. A HUGE thank you to those who commented and sent me ideas for the banana muffins. Not only do I know that I have the back up option of using a fork, I also now have 2 potato mashers and about 7 different banana muffin recipes. Chris (and Bigelow 13) will be well fed!


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  1. Looking fresh and clean and bright! I know how hot it was yesterday, so double points to the two of you!

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