The Walk-Thru update

So along with stopping at Ikea, we made a pit stop at Chris’ favorite store, Home Depot. I wanted to pick up some hangers for the broom and Swiffer in the walk through. I had found a holder for the iron at Ikea, so I was pushing to have the walk-thru done today too. I’m a drill sergeant . Its ok, I’m aware.

Point of story, we found the hanger that I wanted, and poof! Walk thru re-do! In typical Kate fashion, here’s the before and after.

Not so organized. The iron at that point was living in the pantry because we had no place to put it. Rough..

MUCH better! Now everything has a place, and the iron got included in the party!

I also found this candle dish and decided it would look great in the livingroom. I picked up a set of 3 candles, as well as some decorative rocks, and Ta-Da!

It looks a lot more grey in person. For some reason its really purple in the picture.

I’m off to work at the hospital for the next few days, but I have a few projects up my sleeve for my days off this week. Anyone know where to find clothes pins??


3 Responses

  1. You should paint the inside of the walk through! It would be quick enough, and make a big difference I bet. Plus then you could play, “see how long it takes Chris to notice” 🙂

    • I was planning on doing that ASAP. Maybe tomorrow while he’s at work and I’m not… and then I’ll have something else to take pictures of! 🙂

      Grandma loves reading blogs.. When’s yours going up?

  2. […] July 22, 2010 Walk Thru Update Part 2! Posted by katerunsalot under Projects | Tags: painting, Walk-thru | Leave a Comment  (For Part 1 of this adventure click here.) […]

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