We Have A Real Office!

So FINALLY, after begging and pleading for weeks about a lack of space in the office, Chris gave in and took me to Ikea. (Cue the heavenly choirs singing…)

Wait until you see what it looks like. I’m only in the beginning stages, since I have to comply with the ESPN zone, and want to display my race numbers somehow (still working on that plan), but it is looking mighty nice in here if I do say so myself!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

The Before:

And The After:

Its really nice to have my own space, and Chris is loving having his whole desk back. It also forced me to go through and trash a bunch of papers I didn’t need.

Almost everything was bought at Ikea. The desk, chairs, magnet board, magnets, boxes, magazine file and the tier shelf were all Ikea. Ok, so everything was bought at Ikea! I can’t get over how nice it is to have the office looking like an office. Now all I need to do is get the set of golf clubs out of here and we’ll be golden (hint Chris, hint).

There was some assembly required to the desk and boxes, and Chris had to attach the magnet board to the wall, so of course there are pictures!

The desk came in pieces, so we used the drill to speed things along.

The serious measuring of the magnet board.

Here are all of the individual parts that make up my side of the office.

Magazine file and boxes

Three tier shelf (or as Chris calls it my “inbox”)

Magnet board (with some pretty old pictures of Chris and I)

So there you have it. The newly redecorated office, all for under $70! Thanks Ikea!


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  1. the desk chairs that our mom use are always leather based instead of using cloth covers:**

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