Walk Thru Update Part 2!

(For Part 1 of this adventure click here.)

Today, I painted. Not just the magnets, but also the walk-thru. If you don’t remember the gorgeous color scheme click here for a quick refresher…not so cute. Chris had painted the other side of the walk-thru all white which looked great between the brown kitchen and grey living room. I figured it needed to be one color instead of this crazy tri-color thing we had going on. So, I painted.

Chris told me not to paint the floor, so that is still a weird grey color. I had to use 2 coats of paint to get it looking decent. The grey was a lot darker than I thought, and the yellow kept peeking through the first coat.

After 2 coats and a few hours I put everything back into place and took some pictures (Shocker…)

It definitely still needs some work, and maybe a curtain to hide everything, but it looks a LOT better than it did this morning.

Do you think we should cover the front with a curtain?



My fridge was naked. With the exception of two magnets from Tricia there was nothing on my poor naked little fridge. So I fixed that today. With some wooden buttons, some magnets, clothes pins, paint and a hot glue gun the situation was un-situated.

(insert lecture about using hot glue guns safely so you don’t come visit me at work here.)

We are attempting (key word there..) to do sort of a Tuscan theme in the kitchen, which is why I chose the colors that I did for the magnets.

I used a box top to do my crafts in today. It was trash/recycling day and I didn’t plan very well in advance, so I used what was available to me. It worked out really well though, as it gave me a safe place to put the hot glue gun.

After the paint dried I glued strips of magnet to the back of each wooden button, waited for that to dry, and then I stuck them to the fridge. Total time was about 30 minutes (had to let that paint dry!) and total cost was less than $5 (excluding the hot glue gun.)

I also made clothes pin magnets today. FYI: ACE Hardware carries clothes pins. The lady wanted to know exactly what I was doing with them. She said they fly off the shelf and that she wanted to know why they were so popular in this day and age of washers and dryers. She said she had personally gone on a trip around Charlestown to find people using a clothes line and had come up with very few people who did.  I told her I was using them for arts and crafts, and couldn’t really speak for everyone else. Sure enough, I got the last package of them and she went to go put in an order for more. Makes you kind of curious, doesn’t it?

Anyway, back to the magnets. So I wanted a way to clip important things to places where I would be sure to see them, such as the fridge or my magnet board in the office. I decided to use clothespins with magnets on the back of them, same as the wooden buttons for the fridge.

I used my trusty box top and hot glue gun again. When I was done gluing, I got out a Sharpie marker and wrote things such as “To Do” or “Bills”. Some of them I just colored in completely black to match the color scheme in the office. This one took me less than 10 minutes to do!

Both of these projects were super easy and inexpensive. I think I spent maybe $15 for all of the supplies including the hot glue gun.

The Walk-Thru update

So along with stopping at Ikea, we made a pit stop at Chris’ favorite store, Home Depot. I wanted to pick up some hangers for the broom and Swiffer in the walk through. I had found a holder for the iron at Ikea, so I was pushing to have the walk-thru done today too. I’m a drill sergeant . Its ok, I’m aware.

Point of story, we found the hanger that I wanted, and poof! Walk thru re-do! In typical Kate fashion, here’s the before and after.

Not so organized. The iron at that point was living in the pantry because we had no place to put it. Rough..

MUCH better! Now everything has a place, and the iron got included in the party!

I also found this candle dish and decided it would look great in the livingroom. I picked up a set of 3 candles, as well as some decorative rocks, and Ta-Da!

It looks a lot more grey in person. For some reason its really purple in the picture.

I’m off to work at the hospital for the next few days, but I have a few projects up my sleeve for my days off this week. Anyone know where to find clothes pins??

We Have A Real Office!

So FINALLY, after begging and pleading for weeks about a lack of space in the office, Chris gave in and took me to Ikea. (Cue the heavenly choirs singing…)

Wait until you see what it looks like. I’m only in the beginning stages, since I have to comply with the ESPN zone, and want to display my race numbers somehow (still working on that plan), but it is looking mighty nice in here if I do say so myself!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

The Before:

And The After:

Its really nice to have my own space, and Chris is loving having his whole desk back. It also forced me to go through and trash a bunch of papers I didn’t need.

Almost everything was bought at Ikea. The desk, chairs, magnet board, magnets, boxes, magazine file and the tier shelf were all Ikea. Ok, so everything was bought at Ikea! I can’t get over how nice it is to have the office looking like an office. Now all I need to do is get the set of golf clubs out of here and we’ll be golden (hint Chris, hint).

There was some assembly required to the desk and boxes, and Chris had to attach the magnet board to the wall, so of course there are pictures!

The desk came in pieces, so we used the drill to speed things along.

The serious measuring of the magnet board.

Here are all of the individual parts that make up my side of the office.

Magazine file and boxes

Three tier shelf (or as Chris calls it my “inbox”)

Magnet board (with some pretty old pictures of Chris and I)

So there you have it. The newly redecorated office, all for under $70! Thanks Ikea!

History Update

Like I said, my Dad tends to correct me on all historical information. After reading my other history posting I got an e-mail full of corrections and additional info.

Apparently My Great-Grandmother came to Boston in 1907, not 1902. I jumped the gun by 5 years. oops!

Also I was informed that the house was built in 1848 (that explains the spot for my gas lamp in the bedroom…)  by a man named George Washington Warren. They were apparently selling the house lots to raise money for the Bunker Hill Monument which is the only monument built for a defeat. Who knew?

Anything I missed Dad? 🙂

My first official project!

Today was my first real project on the house. I’ve decided that since we spend the most time in the living room, that it should be decorated first. Since we both tend to squish on the love seat, rather than stretch out on the couch (or each sit on one piece of furniture separately, but I digress..) I figured I should decorate the wall we can see, rather than the one that is behind us.

Ta-da! Here it is. The magical wall that had no idea of what I was about to do.

I decided to use some of my favorite black and white photos from my “portfolio” and some simple black picture frames in different sizes to add a little something to the wall. I picked 10 photos, and began to place the frames on the floor to figure out which arrangement I liked the best.

I printed all the pictures and was ready to go…

Then the unthinkable happened when I was about halfway through putting the pictures in the frames… I realized one of the 8×10 frames was cracked on the top corner. Time to rearrange again.

Not exactly symmetrical, but I decided I liked it better that way. Using a few tools that I borrowed from Chris, I started measuring and hanging the pictures (Sorry Mr. Voda if you’re seeing a tape measure you’ve been looking for for months! Your son has it.)

After hammering my finger only once I was all done. Its a little more spaced out than the version on the floor, but I think I like it a lot. It leaves room for later additions if I want, and if not, it works the way it is.

Things I learned? Pencil doesn’t come off the wall as easily as it does off paper (Don’t tell Chris, you can barely see it!), and they make decorating look a lot easier on TV! All in all, I’m pretty happy with how today went.

(All the pictures on the wall are being added to the Photography section so you can see them full size. 🙂  )

The Canvas

So, here is where we are at the moment.

This is the entry to the house. Grandma lives on this floor and the second floor.

This is the hallway in the third floor. Our entry, if you will. The bathroom is at one end of the hall, the office at the other, and on the right is the kitchen.

This is the pantry. We somehow forgot to paint it during the painting party, oops! On another note, the shelving is all over the place, and the drawers that are in there don’t open very well. We seriously need to re-organize it and get the drawers to a more functional place.

This is the sink area. At the moment we are totally stuck with the set up of the kitchen. My great-aunt never wanted anything modern, so we have no cabinets (modern? They’re just useful!), and no space for a dishwasher. The double sink isn’t as great of an idea as we thought it would be either. The lack of counter space also means that we get to play the always interesting game of “will the drying rack fall on the floor tonight”. It also means that we do most of the food preparation on the kitchen table, and eat in the living room.

The oven has to live here because of the gas pipe. Its not so bad. Just boring.

We also forgot to paint the square under the mantle…
To the left we have a nice, yet fairly useless buffet. The doors don’t open, and when they do open they won’t close. The drawers aren’t very functional size wise, and tend to get stuck shut. We mainly kept it for the “counter space” it provides. Remember that electrical work I was talking about before? Here’s where there is a problem. We can’t have the microwave going if the coffee pot is on, or if anything else is on for that matter. It’s another fun game, since if we blow a fuse, the lights in the office go out…

Here’s the walk thru into the living room. I like it a lot. The china cabinet on the right… not so much. It was another piece of inherited furniture that looks nice, but doesn’t do to much. The doors on the bottom have the same problem as the buffet; they stick!

This was an empty storage area that Chris decided needed some shelves, so he built them and painted it white. I LOVE how it looks, and it’s great for storing our DVDs and games (Quirkle anyone?)

This side of the walk thru, not so much. We’re currently using it for storage. I have some ideas, and would like to get it cleaned up and painted!

Now entering the living room, where we spend most of our time. There is a blocked fireplace on the left which is marble and gorgeous. The TV in the middle is HUGE and I love the glass and black TV stand. The tables were all here when we got here, and we kept them since we had nothing to use in their place. Some of them match, some of them don’t.

The floor is in pretty good shape. There are a few scratches in it from over the years, but all in all it looks great. The couches were a craigslist score. Chris gets serious points for finding them, and he and his friend get even more points for getting it up the 3 flights of spiral stairs! The wall behind it is quite empty (as are all the walls in the house!) and I plan on filling it up with something soon!

The loveseat, a great floor, an empty wall and my desk (?).

Here is the hallway into the office and my cat Phoebe! She was also in a picture in the kitchen.. see if you can spot her!
This is another empty wall that I would love to fill somehow.

The office. Or ESPN zone as I tend to call it. Please note the golf clubs and serious lack of my stuff!

This was a pretty cool idea on Chris’ part. He wanted to display his jerseys, so he painted white squares on the wall to make them stand out against the blue. Then he took coat hangers and placed them in the jerseys upside down. Finally he hung the upside down coat hanger on some tacks in the wall. Looks great!

This is the large closet in the office. It currently holds Chris’ tools, Phoebe’s literbox and a bunch of “stuff”. It needs some serious organization!

On to the bathroom. Please take a moment to enjoy the wallpaper that we have yet to take down…..

Its pretty impressive!

Pink and green isn’t exactly Chris’ idea of a perfect bathroom, but there’s not too much we can do about that at the moment. It’s functional, after the plumber fixed the leaking toilet, and Chris got a new pipe to replace the one under the sink that fell apart in his hand….

Finally, the bedroom. Blah, isn’t it? The bed is on the floor, and the dresser was here when we moved in. The walls are empty, but at least we have a wall!! It was questionable there for a while.

The main problem with the bedroom is the sloping ceiling. It makes it hard to use a lot of the space in here, since Chris hits his head a lot. I need to come up with some crafty use for the space on the right!

So there you have it!